Thursday, July 14, 2011

iOS 5 Gestures: Kill the Home Button

How many of you enjoy clicking on the stylish home button?
With the upcoming iOS 5(which is now,the iOS beta 3 was released to developers), there’s a hint on a new feature: Gestures
For those who are lucky to get their hands on the newly released iOS 5, they are definitely checking out the features(where some developers are also working on the Jailbreaking process)
Would this new “Gestures” feature completely kill the home button? Well, not literally. Some might still use the home button, but the volume adjusting in gestures might come in handy.
Some people with stuck home button may rejoice to the presence of this feature in the completely revamped iOS, although some tweaks can be found on Cydia( for Jailbroken iDevices only).