Tuesday, July 19, 2011

RIM BlackBerry Cyclone: Apple TV Rival

Seems like RIM simply can't just stand back and watch Apple, HTC and other leading gadget giants to dominate the "Media World" offering various choices of tablet and from Apple, of course, the Apple TV.

RIM is rumoured to be preparing a new"weapon" to beat up other tech-giants, which is said to be one of the biggest rival of the Apple TV. The codename? It is rumoured to be the BlackBerry Cyclone.

The new device, is said to be able to sync the display to your widescreen tv and stream videos right into it. Such media player devices are highly popular nowadays, with the ability to access millions of Youtube and Netflix videos and stream it live in your TV, and capable of accessing your other files stored in your PC which is connected through Wi-Fi.


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