Saturday, August 6, 2011

Future iPhone 6 Concept and Features

I know it's a bit early to think about a concept for an iPhone 6 since the iPhone 5 isn't even out yet!
But oh well, let our imaginations run wild and think of what features might be included in this super high-end device of the future.

Personally I see iPhone as a very cutting-edge phone or at least even if it's not comparable to some phones with some super fast processors, it is inevitable that iPhone is indeed still the winner of all. (iPhone FTW! :D)

As we can see from the harsh and vicious competitions between the gadget giants, each company keep on updating it's hardware to the most recent technology available. Well, Apple seems to be a little laid-back in terms of upgrading the camera (some device can already sport a 12MP camera, while iPhone stays on the 5MP, and next, 8MP).

- 4G
4G maybe the most requested feature to be included into the upcoming iPhone 5 right now, and we may really see it come true with the iPhone 6.

- 3D
Well a lot of gadget and electronics are now boasting about their screen to emit a 3D surround effet which gives the user a lot more experience in visualization.

- Wireless Charging
I wouldn't be so surprised to hear about this. It is rumoured that Apple is still working on this and I predict that the new wireless charging capability will be highly anticipated by users as it offers hassle-and-cable free charging.

- Processor
Apple kept on improving the chips used in their products but there's always one thing I'm most curious of: why did Apple always under-clock their processor speed?

- ORB Technology Battery
ORB stands for Organic Radical Battery. This is brand new, and currently being researched by NEC. It is said that the battery has a amazingly quick charging at 30 seconds and higher energy density (1 mWh per square cm), and most of all, eco-friendly.

Well it's not too soon to start imagining about what may be included in the next-next-gen of the iPhone generation. Let your imagination fly!