Sunday, August 14, 2011

Android Users Beware of Malware Attacks

Panicked by this shocking news that using Android platform is no longer safe?
Well, an open source platform is usually more vulnerable to malware and virus attacks, which is why Android is included in this issue.

Up to 5 percent of Android users has been infected by malware attacks by this June, according to a report by Lookout Security, acompany attempting to make apps to counter malware attacks on Android devices.
Kevin Mahaffey, co-founder of the Lookout security, claimed that the number of malware"bots"  has even increased by fourfold.

Google itself also made a quick move in response to this issue, by withdrawing more than 50 infected apps from its renowned Android Market. The apps are said to be infected by the DroidDream malware, which is created and repacked by hackers from the original app, then re-releasing it to public which then spreads around the malicious threats. Furthermore, it is also said that there are hackers who release their clean versions of their apps, then during the update, the install the malware codes to their respective apps, merely for one main reason: Monetization.

It is surely cruel to have people making useful apps and then distribute apps with malwares and viruses in them which in several cases might just spill out personal details and confidential items. This malware attacks would have a huge blow in the Android Market for the time being until this issue is really addressed.

UPDATE: Counter Android Malwares using this app


Mich9 said...

google knows it :-D

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