Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Apple Mountain Lion GM Roaring All The Way To Developers

As promised, the brand new fresh OS X Mountain Lion will be shipped to consumers by end of July, or so it seems, as Apple began shipping the GM version to developers on Monday (7/9). The GM version is usually the final product of the long awaited OS by Mac fans all over the world.

Features of the brand new, high end OS X Mountain Lion includes more seamless integration with the AirPlay, iCloud, and to social networking freaks, deep Facebook integration.

Some features the Mountain Lion boasts includes:

  • New improvement in Chines input and decoding of fonts, and the capability to share to some Chinese sites.
  • AirPlay monitoring to enable you utilizing your TVs full potential to enjoy your Mac.
  • Game Center, for the heavy gamers.
  • Improved Safari browsing experience, faster loading, unified search bar (familiar?), better handling of JavaScripts.
  • Power Nap, enabling your Mac to work while "napping", such as photo streaming to your iOS devices, fetching app updates and other simple tasks.
The Upgrade from the previous versions of Mac OS will cost you $20 on the Mac App Store.

Full list of the features can be found here.


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